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Problem-Solving Courts

New Mexico Problem-Solving Courts use the collaborative treatment-based Drug Court model to work with repeat offenders whose criminal activity is driven by underlying substance abuse or mental illness.  As alternatives to incarceration, these programs focus on the successful rehabilitation of participants through early, continuous, and intense judicial oversight, treatment, mandatory periodic drug testing, and use of appropriate sanctions, incentives, and other community-based rehabilitation services.  In New Mexico, we include the four types of drug courts (Adult, Juvenile, Family Dependency, and DWI) along with Mental Health (or "Treatment") courts under the term Problem-Solving Courts.

The first New Mexico Problem-Solving Court started in 1994 and there are currently 48 active Problem-Solving Courts in the state (with several more in the planning or pilot stage).  These include 18 Adult/Felony, 14  Juvenile, 3 Family Dependency, 8 DWI/Drug Courts, and 5 Mental Health Treatment Courts.

Materials for the Statewide Webinars on Adult Drug Court Best Practices

The first statewide webinar dedicated to the NADCP's Adult Drug Court Best Practices Standards was held on December 4, 2015.  That webinar introduced Volumes I and II of the Standards, and focused on Target Population, the first Standard in Volume I.  The series will focus on one or two Standards each month, until all ten of the Standards in the two volumes have been covered.

The files below include the audio recording of the December 4th webinar, Vol.I of the Standards (with highlights to the Introduction and Target Population as discussed during the webinar), and summary notes of the discussion.

The Second in the series of statewide webinars will be scheduled in late January/early February 2016, with date TBD.

Contact Peter Bochert at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for further information.


Attendees of the NMADCP Training Conference for Problem-Solving Courts were given a jump drive as part of the conference packet.  That jump drive contained, among many other documents, a copy of all of the powerpoint presentations available prior to the actual conference.  The files below are the powerpoint presentations that were updated by the presenter just prior to their actual presentation, and a few powerpoints that weren't available in time to load on the jump drive have become available as well.